The vine and the wine for us, the Di Leone’s, represent since ever, the respect for a long tradition and an obligation towards a land - the ancient Sannio – where viticulture is the characterizing element of the environment, and the social - economic life of its inhabitants.
Our commitment could be summed up in a practical and intensive daily activity in the vineyard and in the cellar, characterized by sustainability and respect of the tradition, aiming to guarantee a quality wine at the right price.
Nowadays this achievement is possible thanks to the investments done, and on the other hand to the daily efforts of those collaborators who share with us the same passion, working in the team.
Should you decide to take a visit in our areas, we would be very glad to let you experience the fruit of this passion.

Talio ed Alfredo Di Leone

La Vinicola del Titerno snc • via Iacovelli - zona PIP • Massa di Faicchio (BN) • P.Iva 00879640621